5 Ways To Deal With Wage Garnishments

If you are threatened with one or more wage garnishments from creditors, this could make it impossible for you to pay other important bills like utilities, rent/house payment, insurance, or vehicle loans and you may not have enough wages to buy necessities like food and gas. There are 5 ways to deal with garnishments so that you won't face disaster. 1. Make sure you still owe the debt. There have been times when people have either forgotten they paid a debt or they feel intimidated by a creditor even if they do remember they already paid it off. Read More 

2 Advantages Of A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are overwhelmed by debt, you may decide to seek relief by filing for bankruptcy. Two of the most popular bankruptcy options are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcies rid a debtor of practically all of his or her unsecured debt without requiring repayment to the lenders. However, it can be difficult to qualify for this type of bankruptcy. Qualification is dependent on a means test that reviews the amount of disposable income that you have. Read More 

Should You File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Now Or Wait?

There are a lot of decisions that must be made when you are planning to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Some aspects of your life can be impacted by filing, so your attorney might caution you to wait. Here are two situations, in which you should discuss if waiting or acting before you file bankruptcy is the best option.  Divorce Just like a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, divorce is a legal action that can require your time, energy, and money to complete. Read More 

I Am Preparing To File For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Should I Keep Paying My Bills?

Bankruptcy is a great way to wipe out some of your existing debts, consolidate the ones you'll still need to pay, and give you a fresh financial start. If you're planning on filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy soon, is it a wise decision to continue paying off your debts? There are some debts that should and should not be contributing to if bankruptcy is in your future. Mortgages The mortgage on your home is a secured debt when filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and your mortgage lender can foreclose on the home if you are no longer making payments. Read More 

4 Tips For Living Debt-Free And Avoiding Bankruptcy

Consumers all across the country are always looking for ways to save money, pay off debt or avoid debt completely. This is particularly true when you consider that recent reports show that 35 percent of Americans have debt that is at least 180 days delinquent and is now in collections. Whether or not debt has ever been a part of your life, here are four ways that you can move forward with your live and live it without incurring debt: Read More